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Directory (SCD)

Access detailed profiles of Suppliers with their technical capabilities.

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Supplier Capabilities Directory
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Supplier Listing Directory (SLD)

Discover a well-compiled list of supplier name, company and contact details.

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Supplier Listing Directory
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Expert/Specialist Contact Directory (ESCD)

Explore a distinguished contact directory for experts / specialist by category (E.g. Welder / Machinist / Inspector, etc).

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Expert/Specialist Contact Directory (ESCD)


The Global Metalworking Directory was formed with the intention of reinforcing strategic connection between the suppliers and buyers in the Metalworking industry. To provide ease of access for the most authentic supplier discovery, this directory renders categorized information with smart filter features designed exclusively by proficient industrial experts. This directory is the world’s foremost network that covers the whole of Metalworking industry for the first time in the world.

Supplier Capabilities Directory (SCD):
The Supplier Capabilities Directory is an exclusive collection of company profiles of suppliers categorized for ease of access to Buyers. Each supplier profile consists of exclusive and specific technical capabilities along with privileged details of their product/ service features. This directory was formed after acute groundwork by experts in the industry. Precisely, the details in this directory is what a Buyer looks for during supplier Discovery.

Supplier Listing Directory (SLD) :
The Supplier Listing directory is a compilation of Metalworking suppliers across the world. This list comprises a wide range of supplier details from all over the Globe. This exceptional list of suppliers is considered as a magnum opus since this is the only Directory that thoroughly consists of only Metalworking suppliers from all corners of the earth.

Expert/ Specialist Contact Directory (ESCD) :
The Expert/ specialist Directory is another milestone of JKVGSS. This directory is a peculiar extract of expert details in the Metalworking industry. Among the vast range of suppliers from all over the world, this directory lists only the experts and professionals who specialize in Metalworking services. This directory gives instant access to the Buyers in performing supplier scouting among the experts in the industry. This unique set of information is a premier endeavour of JKVGSS.

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