World’s only Metalworking Network is here!

Article Description : This article titled ‘World’s only Metalworking Network is here!’ explains why the highly competitive Metalworking market is in need of a one-stop solution for all its needs-Global Metalworking Supplier Sourcing Network.

Metalworking is the most important segment of a country’s manufacturing sector. Most procurement professionals intensely work on selecting suppliers with intense focus on meeting all requirements. They focus on delivering quality services without dissipating their time among irrelevant business groups. Such acute focus on the robust network of customers is the puzzle that is solved by every successful business concern. And that too for a Metalworking Supplier, the challenge is multi fold.

Fortunately, this customer network for the Metalworking industry is now off-the-rack to regulate the global supply chain. Yes, we are gathering all Metalworking professionals that are actively looking for suppliers like you!

As a customer looking for a Metalworking product, a buyer is totally aware of his business requirement. He looks for a specific dimension, material, quantity along with delivery concerns like location and transportation. His choice of supplier depends on the clarity of information he gains during his search. This clear supplier information set is your company description in our Global platform.

Thereby, your chances of getting direct inquiries from buyers increases multi fold when compared to any other promotional features.

‘A good Metalworking Supplier is a person who supplies quality products. A perfect supplier excels in selling them smartly’

Our categories range from raw materials until the end of a machine life. Since we cover the whole of the industry, the horizon of buyers is extremely wide on a global basis. In other words, any professional who supplies goods related to Metalworking get his brand taken to far-reaching range of customers.

In addition to this, the suppliers in our Global Metalworking network can also earn the benefit of getting listed as our Partner. The perks of partnering with us include hosting webinars, pervasive advertising and promotions, blogs and video broadcasting and much more.

JKV offers 3 subscription plans for our Metalworking suppliers which are explained briefly below:

Our Silver Package (FREE) provides the advantage of Standard listing. With this package, you can join our Directory for completely FREE of charge. This package helps you display your profile details among the world-class Buyers in our network.

Our Gold Package has additional benefits when compared to our Basic silver package. This Gold package helps you to get listed as a supplier in the First page of our directory time-to-time. If you wonder how that could be a benefit, the answer is – becoming the foremost choice of our Buyers. The first page of our Directory displays the suppliers who has taken one more progressive step in their business. This embarks the activeness of a supplier in the supply chain. Being aware of this, our Buyers are more likely to choose the suppliers in our First page.

Our Platinum Package helps you benefit various exclusive services as our strategic partner. You get listed as a partner in our Partner page and can enjoy AD discounts, Webinar/Seminar hosting, etc.

Read more about our Membership packages here

How to Register as a Supplier?
· You can create an account with your basic details and then activate your account through an email confirmation.
· Next, you can subscribe to our Membership packages with respect to the services you wish to benefit from our platform.
· After subscription, the most important stage of your account is profile completion.

JKV aims to provide suppliers and Buyers an experience of a brilliant strategic sourcing in the supply chain. To facilitate the same, we offer unique membership packages to our supplier networks. This helps the customers understand the supplier capabilities better and build an opportunity to demand elevated performance in the market.

Why do we need a one-stop supplier sourcing strategy?
Imagine yourself as a metalworking customer. A customer usually does not prefer to scatter his/her time to wander around several websites for supplier discovery. His first choice would be one big pool of Global suppliers with several metalworking capabilities. This concentrated and authentic set of suppliers in the same network helps Buyers in efficient risk management and supplier scouting. Our network helps Buyers choose high quality of services from suppliers under various metalworking categories. Our wide range of metalworking categories include: Raw materials, machines, manufacturing, robotics and automation, etc.

Overall, the supplier relationship with customers built through our network speaks out the success of our sourcing strategy which benefits several metalworking professionals across the Globe. While quality of products and services is the most essential part of it, we aim to build a trustworthy global network. We believe that only such credible source of suppliers can provide our Buyers a perfect business experience. Because, beyond goods or services, it matters to deliver customer satisfaction!

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