SME – About the Manufacturing Association


SME is the leading non-profit organisation that connects the entire manufacturing industry around the Globe. The association is committed to serve professionals, academicians and students. The SME promotes technological advancements in the field of manufacturing covering categories like additive manufacturing, laser technology, 3D printing, welding, cutting, forming, etc.

SME holds a great history behind its birth. The manufacturing association was first formed in the year 1932 with 33 tooling engineers, its immense growth and expansion is witnessed by several advantages that the association adapted to provide the manufacturing professionals across the globe.

Initially, the association was named as the ‘American society of tool engineers (ASTE)’ In 1969, it was renamed as ‘Society of manufacturing engineers.’ Later in 2013, it was renamed as ‘SME.’

Trade fairs and exhibitions are a part of the benefits that manufacturing professionals can gain from SME. The ASTE machine tool and progressive exhibition was the first tool show organised by ASTE. The first book published by the manufacturing society is ‘The Tool Engineers Handbook’. It upgraded as the most insightful handbook for the manufacturing industry and included complete learning that the industry requires. It was renamed as ‘Tool and Manufacturing Engineering Handbook’

The infamous international conference and expo FABTECH was first co-sponsored by SME along with the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association in 1981. The Society is interested in nurturing the manufacturing education around the world. Hence, the SME education foundation launched the Partnership response in manufacturing education (PRIME) program to collaborate organisations, academic institutions and professional businesses.

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