Necessity of a Global sourcing network for Metalworking suppliers

Article Description : This article titled ‘Necessity of a Global sourcing network for Metalworking suppliers’ – helps professionals understand the ultimate need of a global platform for supplier scouting.

Supplier-Buyer gap is the crucial factor that distracts the growth of many Businesses in any industry. It takes hours and hours of intense capability study in order to select the most appropriate Supplier for a specific requirement. And for complex Metalworking Supplier Sourcing, time and effort extends multi fold. A buyer searches for a Supplier in different websites, check for his technical capabilities one by one, and hunts for ways to contact him and await for responses from the requested firm/ company. Meanwhile, this ample time for search and wait if saved, can result in effective strategic supplier sourcing and supply chain process development. But How ?-The answer is to use the Right tool !

There are a diverse range of supplier networks across the globe. But, the right fit for your purchasing and procurement needs can be found only on intense analysis of supplier information that you gather via Internet. What if someone had already made this supplier scouting stage more compatible for your metalworking goods or services?

Yes, procurement management in the Metalworking sector has been made easy now. This platform has been built for professionals in the metalworking categories like machines, manufacturing, raw materials, etc.

When it comes to supplier discovery for any kind of Metal-related products or services, JKV has designed the search features with intense technical filter options. Any Metalworking professional with basic to expertise knowledge in the industry can rightly make use of the 3 different directories to find their suppliers in just few clicks ! Yes, it is possible to find all your requirements fulfilled with the smart filter options offered by the Global Metalworking platform.


I. A complete focus on Metalworking (360 degree – covering from raw materials until the end of machine life) : The more focus on a particular area calls for intense and perfect solutions to requirements. This is the uniqueness of the Metalworking platform, that offers extensive (wider) and intense procurement solutions.

II. Smart and intense filter options (Technical filters beyond location and category filters) :The directories in the platform are just not restricted to location-specific and category-specific searches. You can drill down more ! Yes, our Suppliers can define the fullest of their capabilities and Buyers can find suppliers at just the sight of the technical capabilities. This is where the Supplier-Buyer gap is bridged instantly by our Global supplier sourcing team!
For Buyers, it is the most time saving and unshattered search option towards finding the right supplier

III. Bulk inquiry options (conditions apply) : During the times of heavy number of requirements, it is possible to send inquiries to select suppliers (more than one at a time) and send direct inquiries to them.

IV. Different directories, each serving unique purposes : With arising requirement, it is understandable that the categorization of directories according to requirements in a necessity. And JKV has offered it in the form of :

i. Supplier Capabilities Directory (SCD)– Suppliers with detailed profile including the technical capabilities. These exclusive supplier data helps buyers purchase goods with utmost insights.

ii. Supplier Listing Directory (SLD) -Suppliers listing with name and company contact details.

iii. Experts/Specialist Contact Directory (ESCD)-Contact directory for experts / specialist by category (e.g welder / Machinist / Inspector..etc).

V. Professionalism : The building of this network is continuously monitored and verified to maintain the best of professionalism to avoid any service discrepancies from procure to pay.

VI. No charge/ commission for registration and profile display : Once a supplier becomes a member of the platform, it is possible to display his company profile without any charge or commission. This initiates a smooth procurement cycle and helps efficient supply chain management.

VII. For Buyers, JKV is the clearest website to understand supplier capabilities.

VIII. Smart supplier sourcing strategy for easy inquiry form options to Buyers (conditions apply).

IX. For suppliers, your company profile information reaches the right pool of customers instantly.

X. Global level services are identified and promoted-hence even the crucial requirements can be met in minutes.

XI. Expertise solutions to complex Metalworking requirements.

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