Market overview- Machine Tool Suppliers in China

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The machine tools market in China has witnessed a boom since ages. China has been leading the Global market with a production contribution of more than 30% to other leading countries. But the recent trade situation doesn’t seem to effectively upturn the growth trend for China.

Several factors contribute to the situation. The sluggish investments in the sector is one among them. The overall global market itself seem to move in a downtrend causing inconsistency in the investments. This investment scenario directly and indirectly affects the overall business situation of the country’s market. The discrepancy has agitated the machine tool industry in China. Furthermore, the slack in the growth of downstream industries has added to the factors. This is due to the decline in the demand of machinery in these industries.

Apart from this, China’s CNC machines production capacity is a focus area that must be improved. Chinese market produces a smaller number of high end CNC machines when compared to other competitive manufacturers. This reliance on traditional machine production is yet another reason for the slow growth of the sector.

In addition to this, the lag in the automotive sector was another reason behind the slowness in the metal forming machine tools industry. The rise in the demand for technology transfer challenge the country on one side. On the other hand, the increase in machine tools consumption by other metalworking giants like India, Japan, South Korea and Italy stresses the situation further. Above all, the trade friction between the United States and China worsens the case by affecting the production and export.


The hope for market growth to get back in strength however does not decline. This is due to the several policy proposals by the Chinese government to accelerate the activity of the machine tools sector. The ‘Belt & Road’ project initiated by the Chinese government is intensified in order to maintain trade affairs with foreign countries. Based on this project, China has invested in about 152 countries. This helps the country to maintain the business equilibrium by various structural development projects under the proposal. Initiatives to reduce tax and recovery of fixed asset investments are also taken to regulate capital inflows.

A balance situation persists due to the need for replacement of used machinery and parts. This liquidates the crunch that is up surging in the sector. Thereby, an economic stability is maintained amidst the affliction in the market situation.

Besides these attempts, china has reinforced its joint ventures with domestic as well as foreign establishments to boost its business pursuits. Apart from this, china is working on the trade blemishes to culminate as a leading player in the market. The country has accelerated its research and development by setting up bases and seeking professional supervision on sustainable business management. As a part of it, China has aggravated involvement in sector-specific development and trade exhibits.

These measures undertaken by China makes it very clear that the suppliers in the country are aware of the situation. They are working on the same to maintain the market equilibrium. This heaves China’s efforts to acquire its market status with utmost dynamism.


Zhuzhou Xingzhou Carbide Co., Ltd
Capabilities : Supplier From China With Capabilities Of Machining Tools, Turning Tool, 2 Flute End Mill, End Mill, Drilling Tool, Tooling Material.

Shenzhen Sunlit Tools Co., Ltd
Capabilities :
Tools Supplier China with capabilities of. Machining Tools, Milling Tool, Drilling Tools.

Changzhou Shengping Tools Factory
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of Saw Blade Milling Cutter, Small-bore Boring Cutter, End Mill Tools, Milling Tool, Taper End Mill, Single-edged Milling Cutter, Chamfering Cutter, Two Edge End Mill, Finishing Milling Cutter, Thread Milling Cutter, Internal R Milling Cutter, Front Wave Edge Milling Cutter, Three Edge Milling Cutter, Four-blade Milling Cutter, Insert, Drilling Tools , Center Drill, Twist Drill, Inner Cooling Drill, Three-edged Drill, Step Drill, Left-handed Left-cut Bit, Reaming Tools, Step Reaming Tools, Straight Shank Straight Fluted Reaming Tools, T-slot Flute Milling Cutter, Teeth Three-edge Milling Cutter, Reamer Cutter Tools, Spiral End Mill Tools, T-slot Milling Cutter, Dovetail Mill Cutter, Indexable Tool.

Sichuan Mingtaishun Carbide Co., Ltd
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of Machining Tools, Four- Edge Milling , Two- Edge Milling, End Mill Tools, Rough Cutter Tools, Spot Drill Tools, Twist Drill Tools. MTS has two independent factories and six stores.

Dong Guang Leeshun Metal Mould Co.,Limited
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of. Machining Tool Pin, Machining Tool Insert, Bending tool Die, Bending tool Punch, Trimming Tool, Thread Rolling Die

Zhengzhou Mintek Abrasives & Tools Co.,Ltd
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of Milling Tool Inserts, Milling Tool Tips, Turning Tools Tips, Turning Tools Inserts, Powder Metals.

Han Zhong Zhi Hai Machine Tools Co Ltd.
Capabilities :
Tools Supplier China with capabilities of. Broaching tools, Key way broach, spline broach, Claw plate broach Han Zhong Zhi Hai Machine Tools Co Ltd.

Dezhou Borui Precision Co.,Ltd
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of. Milling tools Holder, Turning Tools Center, Milling Tools Facing, Drilling Tools Chuck, BoRui Machinery Factory was founded in 2003.

Dezhou Jiarui Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
Capabilities :
Tools Supplier China with capabilities of. Drilling Tools, Milling tools, Facing Type cutter, Milling Tool Holder,Collect, vises.

Anhui Lianmeng Mould Industrial Co.,Ltd
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of Bending Tools, Bending Die, Bending Punches, Shearing Tools, Forming Tools, Forming Dies, Forming Punches, Sheet Forming Tool Holders.

Dongguan Kehaou CNC Tools Co.,Ltd
Capabilities :
Supplier from China with capabilities of Milling Tools, End Milling Tools, Spiral Milling Cutter, Chamfering Tool, 2 Flutes End Mills , Angle milling cutter, T-slot Milling Cutter, Milling Inserts, Semi-Finishing Inserts, Fine Cutting Inserts, Drill Inserts, Surface Grinding Inserts, Polishing Inserts, Surface Finishing Inserts, Tooling Material.

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