Manufacturing suppliers – Sourcing in India

Article Description : This article titled ‘Manufacturing suppliers – Sourcing in India’ demonstrates an overview of the current Metalworking manufacturing market of India.
India is an active producer of Metalworking products in the Global market. Its metalworking manufacturing sector can be classified into 3 primary industries based on the processes involved: Forming, Cutting and Joining. Each segment highly contributes to the growth of the overall economy of the sector.

When considering the Metal forming sector, India has a strong base as a manufacturer. Yet, it’s relentless dependency of major traditional processes holds back its growth in several working segments. Global industrial giants are very fast in adapting to new technological changes. India exhibits a slack in this trend. We quite cannot ignore the country’s slightest upgrades to technology, yet the pace can be earmarked as weak and unhealthy. Simultaneously, quality improvement and safety are mandatory features that India must focus on.

Several industrial experts also mention the imbalance in the growth of different segments of the Metal forming industry. While one segment is highly concentrated and improved, other segments are less considered. This directly and indirectly affect the industry in several forms. In addition to this, the focus on the secondary processes is not as equal as given to the primary processes. For example, though a machine’s welding is great in quality, the substandard in the finishing process creates a downturn. The main cause of this sluggish and passive nature is weak financial backing for industries. As a secondary reason, the failure of prompt attention to automation required by the industry.

Balance point :
In the recent years, India has started to improve its technological capabilities in Laser processing, IoT ( Internet of Things), 3D printing. This focus is expected to aggravate the Metal forming sector. Indian industries are recently starting to identify technologies required in specific areas. As a back-up, the country is also seeking foreign companies for technology support.

Secondly, The Metal cutting sector plays a vital role in the Indian Manufacturing industry. This sector has its applications in all range of manufacturing units. Yet, the biggest challenge lies in the continued usage of non-CNC machine tools.

Like other sectors, the Metal cutting sector also faces struggles in adapting to technology. The cutting tools used in India must be quickly upgraded to match the industrial growth of global giants.

Balance point :
In the recent years, CNC machine tools are speeding up the cutting operations. In addition to this, the CAD/ CAM and CAE usage has made it possible for analyzing the design features of machines. These software help manufacturers see a complete picture of the final product before they get processed. On the other hand, these simulator software help in identification of structural flaws and in their corrections at very early stages. The other technologies in which India has started to penetrate easily are as follows :

  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Sensor technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Robot Technology
  • Virtual Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence and
  • Machine Learning
  • Fortunately, the export practices of India have helped the industry hold an influential position in the Global market. India has become the most vital producer to even the most developed countries of the world. It is also thriving to achieve efficient procurement management.

    Lastly, the Metal joining sector is a rising area where the demand for automated systems is increasing tremendously. The demand for welding services has inflated the need for faster processes. This requires a large amount of efforts to fulfill the demand in the supply chain.

    Balance point :
    Experts state that the robust expansion of several industrial sectors is increasing the need for more advanced welding equipment. According to them, the use of cutting-edge welding tools is what could rightly meet the Global requirements. The country’s demand for Steel and Aluminium continues to contribute to the leveled-up need for metal joining tools. This constant demand scenario helps the ascend in the progressive growth of the sector till date.

    The individual sectors urge different units of the industry to flourish in Technology. This interests Metalworking professionals to choose manufacturing suppliers sourcing in India.

    And what India does to fill all the mentioned gaps is makes it call ‘SMART’. The first step is the creation of awareness. The country is slowly adapting to technologies like Laser cutting arc, fiber cutting, plasma arc, etc. These changes along with smart factory practices entitled by the Industry 4.0 strategy is boosting the Industrial sector.

    The Government also has taken measures to accomplish the same by creating demand in certain sectors of the country. The infrastructure development projects are creating the need for gearing up of the steel manufacturing units. Similar other projects were proposed to boost the economy of the industrial sector directly and indirectly. The ‘Make in India’ movement supports Foreign direct investments which boosts the manufacturing sector tremendously influencing the supplier sourcing in India. These differences clearly state that the Metalworking manufacturing sector in India is economically sensitive. The Government is expected to take the Indian metalworking manufacturing industry to a brand-new level. It is very clear that the consistent efforts in identification of growth opportunities makes India expand its capacities widely and swiftly.
    Overall, it is considered that India is a good destination for strategic sourcing process. This is due to the supplier diversity of the country. The wide range of potential suppliers available in the market eases the procurement process. However, during the procurement cycle, an imbalance may be noticed in the supply chain management. Hence, it is advised to plan your sourcing strategy when it comes to purchase of goods or services in India.

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