Machine Shop Suppliers- Global Sourcing considerations

Article Description : This article titled ‘Machine Shop Suppliers- Global Sourcing considerations’ covers the basic information about Machine shop that a professional must know before he/ she decides to involve in supplier sourcing.

A room where machinist performs machining process are called as Machine Shop. Here machinist uses various production machines like machine shop lathe, milling, cnc mahine to produce machined parts or components.

Tools used : The tools can be classified into 3 based on the operations.
  1. Layout Tools
  2. Cutting Tools
  3. Safety Tools
Layout Tools :

The tools used for marking/ drawing the measurements in a work-metal are known as Layout tools. Scriber, Divider , Surface Gauge, Surface plates, etc are few examples of Layout tools.

Process Tools :

The tools that are used in machine shop like cutting, bending, shaping, drilling, finishing etc are classified as process tools. Cutter, Drill, Lathe machine, etc are few examples of Process tools.

Safety Tools :

The tools used for safety measures while carrying out the machining process are known as Safety tools. Safety vests, Safety signs, Safety masks, Safety vests, Fire extinguishers, etc are few examples of Safety tools.

What are the processes carried out in a Machine Shop ?

‘Laying out’ is an initial operation carried out in a machine shop. The raw materials suitable for the end-product is selected and appropriate measurements are made using the Layout tools. The measurements are marked using a ‘Layout dye’, which is considered as an efficient method till date.

After the measurement process, the machining process suitable for the end-product is selected accordingly. Combination of different processes are then carried out depending on the requirement. Machine shop safety are also carried out as a measure.

With advancement in technology, industries have now started to adopt to cnc (Computer Numerical Control) machines and Robotics. With this advancement, which has measurably reduced manual labor, on the other hand increasing approximate accuracy of end-products.

Current market focus on emerging suppliers in countries like India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea…etc. Sourcing from these counties for machined parts and components are more needed or focused in the global machined component sourcing.

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  1. Wow, I’m so amazed that the CNC lathe machines have a lot of usage such as for cutting, bending, shaping, drilling and finishing. It seems that it is very useful for every industrial company. I have read online that using machines have a lot of competitive advantage because it produces high precision, it is highly customizable and it also creates an exceptional physical property.

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