Cutting Tool Suppliers- Global Sourcing considerations

Article Description : This article titled ‘Cutting Tool Suppliers- Global Sourcing considerations’ explains the process and its types that a professional must know before he/ she decides to involve in supplier sourcing.

These cutting tools are used to cause a deformation in a work-metal by removing pieces of the material through induction of pressure.

Based on the number of edges,the tools are classified into two types :
• Single-point
• Multi-point

Single-point tools :

The tools that has only one cutting edge are known as Single-point tools. For Example : Turning tools are used for single-point cutting. During the turning process, a helix tool path moves across the work metal which already moves along a certain plane of axis. Here the turning tool has only one edge. Hence it is known as a single-point tool. The other examples of single-point tools are lathe tools, planner tools, shaping tools, shear tools, etc.

Multi-point tools :

The tools that has more than one edge are known as Multi-point tools. For Example : Drilling tools are used for multi-point cutting. During drilling process, the driller moves in a rotary motion to cut holes in a work-metal. The rotary driller has more that one cutting point-i.e. the points are around the driller surface by which a hole is made in the material. This proves the drillers to be best example of multi-point tools. The other examples of multi-point tools are milling cutters, grinding tools, broaches, etc

Based on the plane of cutting, the tools are classified into :
• Linear
• Rotary
• Linear & Rotary

Liner tools :

When tools are used along a linear axis to cut work-metals, they are known as linear tools.
Examples: Broaches, Tool bits, etc

Rotary tools :

When tools are used along a circular/rotary axis to cut work-metals, they are known as rotary tools.
Examples :Reamers, Miller cutters, Dies, Drillers, etc

Linear and Rotary tools :

The tools that used both linear and rotary axis to cut the work-metals are classified under Linear and Rotary tools.
Examples : Fly cutters, Hacksaw, etc

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