CNC Machining Suppliers- Global Sourcing considerations

Article Description : This article titled ‘CNC Machining Suppliers- Global Sourcing considerations’ explains the process and its types that a professional must know before he/ she decides to involve in supplier sourcing.

In machine shops this process is used in the manufacturing for mass production that involves the use of high speed computer numerical controlled machine tools like lathes, turning, milling, grinding, drilling..etc to produce high volume and highly precise metal parts. Now days most of the machining centers are using CNC machines like CNC Lathe for their manufacturing process, which can achieve mass production in short period of time using CNC programming codes

CNC Machining is highly utilized by suppliers in the emerging countries from and around India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary…etc where the high volume suppliers are located.

With advancement in technology, the traditional operations are slowly shifting to computer-aided processes where, inputs are given in the form of codes to remove material from the work piece. In simple terms, using program codes the machine is controlled for machining process and its known as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) or Soft-wired Numerical Control.

In the metalworking industry, the design parameters of a mechanical part (work-metal) are defined in the form of graphical inputs by Computer Aided Design (CAD) . These inputs are translated by Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM software) as machine control instructions (like G-code). The resultant command is fed into the machine to print/cut the work-metal into the desired shape.

The machine control instructions derived by Computer-aided Manufacturing comprises codes like G-codes and M-codes. These codes are used for positioning the tools/machines that are integrated with other CNC units.

These CNC programming codes are based on the cartesian co-ordinates necessary to map the movement of the tool path with respect to the input parameters.

G-codes represent the specific or defined movements that a machine/ cutting tool must perform.

Example :

G00represents Rapid Motion

G01represents Linear Interpolation

G02represents Clockwise Interpolation

M-codes represent the miscellaneous functions that a machine/tool must perform

Example :

M03represents Start Spindle

M05represents Stop Spindle

M02represents End of Program

The Machining operations include:

CNC Turning
CNC Milling
CNC Drilling
CNC Grinding
CNC Tapping
CNC Multi spindle machine, etc.

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  1. I like that you said that in the machinery industry most of the metalworking is design by graphical inputs by a computer-aided designed technology. I have a friend that just started working in the machine industry and he says it is interesting to watch machines create pieces. Thank you for helping learn more about machinery technology.

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