Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC)

The Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC) was founded by Christian-Van-Houtte in the year 1991. He was the president of the foundation for almost 18 years. The foundation focuses on sustainable development and prosperity of the Aluminium industry by setting a world class example.

Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC)

In 1901, Canada’s aluminium industry was born and has developed immensely over 100 years. With the growth of the economy, several industrial locations in Canada has led to the increase in the construction of Aluminium smelters.

The beginning of the aluminium industry in the Canadian history is marked in the year 1901 in Quebec. As years rolled on, global activity during the first world war (1914-1918) doubled the Aluminium production. Along these years, several production companies arose with eventual increase in the number of factories.

In 1925, the world’s largest aluminium complex was created. Around 1925, the Aluminium company of Canada was established followed by the launch of Alcan foundation. The production increased multi-fold due to supporting activities for the war and its aftermath. However, the demand dropped due to overproduced aluminium products. But the drop did not prolong. Several expansion and automation programs were launched to improve the sustainability of the sector. The corresponding years also led to establishments of several new aluminium smelters along with operating facilities.

In 1951, the Kitimat smelter, the first smelter of British Columbia was put forward by Alcan. Later, 3 new smelters namely Becancour, Lark and Alcoa were launched. The upsurge in the number of production companies and the huge investments made in the sector led to advancement in technologies and production capabilities. Efficiency improvement were also achieved through intellectual strategies. Correspondingly, the Quebec Aluminium development was introduced for the period 2015-2025. As an advancing step, the first Canadian International Aluminium conference (CIAC) took place in Montreal.

The industry is a major contributor of Aluminium with minimal carbon constituency. The members of the Aluminium association of Canada – Alcoa, Alumenerie Alouette and Rio Tinto run 9 smelters across the country. It involves in international trade, providing job opportunities and generating exports.

In memory of the founder, Christian-Van-Houtte and to honour his dedication and contribution to the industry, the Association created the Christian-Van-Houtte Recognition award. The nominees for this award would include an individual or a team that has made huge contribution to the industry.

The Association offers astute updates about the digitalisation world via the Future Aluminium forum. The third edition of Future Aluminium Forum Industry 4.0 will take place from May 25, 2020 to May 27, 2020 in Quebec City.

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