A Smart Sourcing platform for Global Metalworking suppliers

Article Description : This article titled ‘A smart sourcing platform for Global Metalworking suppliers’ brings you an insight about the world’s only Global Metalworking network for professionals across the world.

Wonder why you need a Global Metalworking supplier sourcing network for purchasing and procurement? The vast time a professional usually spend on supplier search can be effectively replaced by productive sourcing strategy and actions. But it is important how the replacement is done.

Imagine that every instant a purchase order is processed, your supplier search time is reduced multiple times! Yes, a Buyer can now find the most suitable supplier just in few clicks. The mystery lies behind the features that aid the fastest way to reach a supplier.

Our Buyers acquire the chance of sending direct inquiries about global metalworking products or services. They can reach worldwide suppliers without intruding formalities or purchasing agents. Apart from this, our bulk inquiries option marks our signature initiative in reducing the supplier-buyer gap. On accessing these features, a Buyer will be able to get all his requirements met right away!

Directories in the smart supplier sourcing platform for Global Metalworking :

1. Supplier Capabilities Directory (SCD)
2. Supplier Listing Directory (SLD)
3. Expert/Specialist Contact Directory (ESCD)

The inflation in a company’s requirements demand for intelligent sourcing assets. Fortunately, the filters that are available for Buyer access in our Global directory suffices the criteria in style. Each category and sub category are expert suggested and sorted to facilitate the strategic sourcing process.

Also, the option of location specific search add on for a way more narrowed result for purchasing goods. In other words, JKV is a smart online retail store for supplier selection. Here, you get to witness suppliers from a whole of metalworking categories. This enables Buyers to select their essentials and reach the explicit supplier within notably quick minutes.

We offer a unique online knowledge hub known as BKB (Buyer’s Knowledge Book ) exclusively established for our Buyers.

BKB (Buyer’s Knowledge Book ) exclusively established for our Buyers. is an archive of thorough academic data required to excel in the global metalworking industry. In order to facilitate easy access, we have classified BKB (Buyer`s Knowledge Book) into the following categories:

Associations /Institutes:

This category has a filtered list of Associations / Institutes uniquely related to the metal-working industry. JKV has made it possible for global metalworking professionals to find the desired associations / institutes within minutes!

Material Science:

The Material Science category helps you interesting science learning right from basics to complex theories in a globally coherent context.

Manufacturing Processes:

The processes explained in our forum illustrate different industrial approaches. This enhances greater learning perspective along with adaptive approach.


This category offers access to an extremely interesting and wide range of metal-working publications. It includes Journals, Magazines, Technical Papers and projects.


JKV’s glossary is uniquely designed for easy access to meanings of technical terms in the global metalworking industry. Professionals could reach out to our glossary to find a wide range of industrial terms and jargons.


JKV’s widgets are specially designed to any range of complex calculations in the metal-working industry. This online widget is an effective tool for any industrial data processing and calculations.


This category opens access to the list of Metalworking courses and academic institutions offering them. This academic list makes it easy for users to derive their required search result within minutes.

Global Metalworking Events:

JKV’s users can also enjoy the benefit of up-to-date information about the Global Metalworking events.

Global Metalworking suppliers
Membership packages:

JKV offers 3 subscription plans for our buyers.

When you sign up for our Silver Package, you gain access to view an enormously wide range of global suppliers. This helps you find prerequisite sourcing solutions for any type of your metal-work related requirement.

Choosing our Gold Package not only grants you access to select suppliers using their display names but grants access to their entire profile. It consists of sales detail, supplier competence, contact information and much more. Above all, you get to send inquiry to the suppliers of your choice, one at a time.

Our Platinum Package outclasses as the most time-saving and prudent option to get your suppliers instantly. In any metal work industry, massive inquiries are critical demands that require a swift and savior approach. This package has been exclusively designed to streamline the supply chain right from procure to pay through efficient procurement management. This package helps you send inquiry to more than one supplier at a time. Along with this, you could also avail personalized and direct support for supplier discovery.

Your determined demand of best services reveals the quality of your business standards. As an active Buyer, you deserve loyal services with flawless quality and outright support. We offer the most expected sourcing solutions for the entire Metalworking industry.

Joining our Global Metalworking Platform:

· You can create a Buyer account with your basic details and then activate your account through an email confirmation.
· Next, you can subscribe to our Membership packages with respect to the services you wish to benefit from our platform.
· You are now all set to send direct inquiries to the Suppliers across the world!

Following are the reasons why you must never miss our unique platform:
• Rapid Supplier Sourcing results
• Multiple metalworking solutions in one platform
• Perfect supplier scouting results matching your preconditions.
• Complex requirements met in minutes
• Location specific access to supplier networks for metalworking goods or services
• Efficient supply chain management
• Authentic supplier relationship
• Glitch-free procurement cycle

Link to our Global Metalworking network :

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