A Breakthrough in Welding : REMOWELD FLEX


A new technology has been developed by the Fraunhofer IWS recently to perform welding in materials that were earlier considered incompatible to the process due to cavity formation followed by metal cracking.

Breakthrough in Welding

Welding a die-cast Aluminium to be water-tight has always been a big challenge to manufacturers. The die- cast Aluminium usually contains cavities filled with gas. When these gaseous elements in the cavity comes in contact with the laser during welding process, it will start to eject the molten metal causing a defect in the product on cooling. This can be prevented by replacing the coarse burner used in the process by a light needle that oscillates continuously in the molten metal bath. This ensures a completely water-tight metal in metals that were considered non-weldable due to cavity formation. On eliminating this cavity issue using the needle, a breakthrough has been established by the Fraunhofer IWS.

The technology is all set to launch in the market. After several researches on demand, this process is regarded as a much needed innovation in the welding industry. The advantage of this Remoweld Flex Technology is the flexibility of the process to integrate with automation units supporting the development and advancements in the Industry 4.0 era.In this technology, Industry 4.0 is adapted by the usage of sensors to retrieve the welding process data and several control systems are integrated to optimize the flow of the process.

This technology is considered as a fortunate entry into the market since this process can now reach the scope of metal that were not covered for welding activities. The internal characteristics of several metals that cannot be welded because of their nature to form cavities and in the metals in which the surface must be closely sealed to prevent entry of water particles can now be welded using this laser technology.

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