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Metalworking - BKB (Buyer`s Knowledge Book)

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Dynamic archive of Metalworking Associations/ Institutes

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Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes

Well-rounded insights on industrial operations.

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Manufacturing Processes
Material Science

Material Science

Profound study articles on distinctive science topics.

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Material Science


Versatile index of Metalworking terms & abbreviations.

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Resourceful collection of Metalworking publications.

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Catalogue of Metalworking courses and institutions

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Striving to be a professional with Metalwork brilliance?

We are in an era which demands highly intellectual and skilled professionals in the market to expand the dynamics of the industry within a relatively smart period. To acquire such phenomenal competence as an individual, it is essential to consistently groom one’s know-hows and getting accustomed to contemporary skill development. But, the biggest hitch in achieving this prevails in the inadequacy of well incorporated resources.

Let’s get it straight - JKVGSS has a wide collection of insightful resources that completely focuses on Metalworking. And why we do it is because, we aim at providing our customers an easy reach of insightful materials and valuable industry related data. We cover from the ABC’s of Metalworking to highly proficient compilations.


With the sole intent of being a loyal aid to our invaluable customers, we have segregated our BKB categories with respect to their Metalworking scopes.

➣ Associations/ Institutes:

What’s inside?

A list of Metalworking Associations/ Institutes that are classified according to their location and category.

Why would you need the Associations/ Institutes resource?

The essential need of getting to know associations/ institutions is to be informed up to date about the market standardizations and events that refurbishes existing technologies and introduces futuristic advancements. Each association/ institute has its own mission to provide valuable information to the members incorporated with them. Missing out any of these would not be fair to ones who aim to be adept in the market. Thereby, we have collected the lists globally so that you could earn the benefit of quick reach to Metalworking associations/ institutes of your prime focus. Eventually, each data that gained from these resources will empower both individual and organizational dexterity in the industry.

➣ Material Science:

What’s inside?

Compilation of several material science topics that accentuates the primary coverage of Metalworking.

Why would you need the Material Science resource?

Excellence is a destination arrived through intense hold on the basics. Aiming to provide backing with scientific rudiments to our customers, JKVGSS has devised the category of Material science with a very simplistic approach. The topics covered will help customers get to know the essentials of various raw materials and metal-related theories. Be it manufacturing, fabrication or any other metalworking process, it is essential that a professional is aware of the physical and chemical characteristics of a metal or a metal related product before working on it. This category covers all basic information ensuring a clarity about the primary nature of metal before processing it.

➣ Manufacturing Processes:

What’s inside?

Explanation about different industrial processes like metal cutting, metal forming and operations like grinding, turning, drilling, milling, etc.

Why would you need the Manufacturing Processes resource?

Right from the commencement of the industrial era, manufacturing processes have evolved and advanced with a proportional growth in technology. This optimization and development of processes directly and indirectly creates a need for skilled labour that is ready to adapt to the unprecedented changes. In order to improve, it is always necessary to be aware of the earlier process approaches along with alertness about the advancements in the modern requirement order. This collective data reduces your search-time in multi-folds and act as the most cost-effective way to support your aspiration to hone your knowledge in the technical facet.

➣ Media:

What’s inside?

A wide range of metal-working publications that include Journals, Magazines, Technical Papers, Articles, Newspapers and University projects.

Why would you need the Media resource?

There is a gush of revolutionary theories related to Metalworking, proposed by Academicians, Scholars and Students time-to-time based on the industrial advancements. With the aim of thorough coverage of all the data and activities related to Metalworking, this category is drafted to provide several insights available in the global market. There are many interesting innovations happening around the Global industry. It is practically impossible for a professional to get to know all the facts and news through a manual search across the internet. Hence, we provide a collective record of articles, journals, news, facts, technical papers and university projects that would be a handy set for learning. This allows an opportunity to get introduced to technologies and emerging ideologies from across the world making way for further novelty in the industry

➣ Glossary:

What’s inside?

Explanation of Technical terms related to metalworking – Abbreviations and expansions.

Why would you need the Glossary resource?

Metalworking is a wide industry involving several beneficiary sectors. There exist several technical terms across different sectors yet related to this industry. Aiming to render an instant access to these jargons and terms, JKVGSS has designed an exclusive glossary that is on the other hand, an online dictionary available for professionals involving different industrial processes. Each process is unique and has its own terms in usage that only the dedicated professionals of the process would be aware of. But, to all the aspiring professionals who intend to learn or associate with these processes, this Glossary will be a handy convenience of immense support.

➣ Widgets:

What’s inside?

Online tools to perform various industrial calculations categorized based on different technical processes.

Why would you need the Widgets resource?

Every technical process has its own set of calculations. Each calculation involves different methodologies to derive a numerical data as output or a processing unit. Comprising basic to complex calculations, each process is optimally carried out with a dependence on these outputs. Understanding the necessity of embracing all the calculations, JKVGSS has comprehended online tools to bolster instant industrial calculations.

➣ Education:

What’s inside?

Categorized lists of Metalworking universities, institutions and academies based on the courses offered across the globe.

Why would you need the Education resource?

Covering a thorough service to the industry, our network encompasses academic aid to students and professionals through this segment. The Education page of our BKB provides a comprehensive list of academic institutions, organizations and universities assorted with respect to the courses they offer. The courses we comprehend in our list include PhDs, Masters program, Bachelor’s degree, Diploma, Short courses and certifications. This enables Students and professionals for easy identification of the desired Metalworking courses and the offering institutions in no time.



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